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add a way to search the database of a neighborhood regardless of what neighborhood you are currently in

Let's say I'm having lunch with a friend in Studio City and she tells me about a restaurant in Beverly Hills that I should go to. Using my iPhone I try searching for the restaurant in the matchbook data base so that I can bookmark it. But because I am in a different neighborhood than the restaurant I am searching for it does not show up in the matching places database

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This was just completed in the most recent update.

If you know the name of the place
1. Click Add Place
2. Click the field which shows your current City and State. Change this to the City/State that you want to search in.
3. Enter the name of the place and click Search.

If you want to search for popular places in a particular neighborhood.
1. Click the Search tab along the bottom that has a picture of a magnifying glass
2. Click Pick Location
3. Move the map so the displayed radius encircles the area you want to search in. You may need to pinch the map to do this.
4. Click Done
5. Choose a tag you want to search for (optional)
6. Click Search.

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